What is the Global Video Project?
The Global Video project was initiated in 2013 by the Swiss based aid organization EcoSolidar. The aim of the project is the exchange between youths from different countries and different social backgrounds. The exchange is created through the making of short films on a specific topic and the following exchange, discussion and commentation of the short films. It is an experience of an exchange at eye level that enables an insight in other realities – and a “new” view on one’s own and familiar life situation! An ideal basis for this type of exchange are already existing groups of kids and teenagers, such as schools or school classes.

Who is EcoSolidar?
EcoSolidar is a small NGO in Basel, Switzerland. EcoSolidar initiated the Global Video Project and coordinated and supported the first two projects “Global Water” and “Global Youth”. In the future, EcoSolidar will continue to support project participants to realize their projects. More information about EcoSolidar is available on

How can I join the Global Video Project?
If you want participate in the Global Video Project, there are two options: join an already existing project on a specific topic or initiate a new project with a new topic. If you would like to start or join a project, please email us. We will help you start your project and support you in the organizational and coordination process. Further we will provide you with useful information and pass on our experience from previous projects.

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